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e-Post Audit was conceived as an e-Governance initiative to bridge the IAF-PCDA interface and allow for easy and seamless flow of documents for the activity of post audit. Parallel run of e-Post Audit at both PCDA(AF) Dehradun and JCDA (Nagpur) commenced on 09 December 2013. Formally inaugurated by CGDA in February 2015 e-Post Audit has fully gone online in January 2015 in the office of PCDA (AF) Dehradun and JCDA (Nagpur). e-Audit on IMMOLs is one of the best example of mutual cooperation between service provider i.e PCDA (AF) and user i.e. Air Force.

This IAF-PCDA interface on AFNET allows seamless flow of documents for post audit and dispenses with the printing of auditable documents. Not only does this enable saving a sum of Rs. 5 Crore annually but also invaluable saving of time as the documents are readily available on AFNET in soft format thereby obviating the need for manual handling of documents for next thirty years. Consequentially paperless office will give a healthy work environment to people working in the concerned sections.


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