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Implementation of IFA System in Defence Accounts Department


Evolution of IFA System in Govt. of India


            The Integrated financial Advice system was introduced in various Ministries of Govt. of India after October 1975. The basic aim of the scheme is to expedite decision making by delegation of financial powers to the executive authorities which are to be exercised in consultation with the Integrated Financial Advisors to bring in the concept of authority with responsibility and accountability. The IFA system was introduced in the Department of Defence Production in 1976 and in the Department of  Defence in August 1983.


Introduction of IFA System in Service Headquarters.


            In the light of recommendations of a sub Committee of the Committee on Defence Expenditure, the Ministry of Defence decided in Nov. 1991 that exercise of delegated financial powers by the authorities lower than Ministry of Defence should also be with the advice of local financial advisors. The 19th Estimate Committee of Parliament was also assured in this regard in 1992-93. These developments culminated in the  introduction of IFA system in the three Service Headquarters, Headquarters Maintenance Command and Director General Border Roads as follows:

i.          IFA Naval HQrs.        -           March 1994

ii.         IFA Air HQrs.             -           April 1994

iii.        IFA Army HQrs.         -           August 1994

iv.        IFA (BR)                     -           March 1995

v.         IFA (MC) Nagpur       -           Sep 1995

Objective of IFA System

            The objective of IFA system is to provide independent financial inputs to the competent financial authorities (CFAs) in exercise of delegated financial powers to expedite decision making thereby providing greater satisfaction to the troops deployed in the field as well as enhancing operational preparedness.


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