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IFA -> Government Orders, Circulars and clarifications
Government Orders 2007
a) Delegation of Financial Powers for Capital Expenditure
b) Classification of Expenditure
Government Orders 2008
Government Orders 2009
a) Determination of Competent Financial Authority(CFA) while exercising 'option clause' for capital procurements - clarification regarding
b) De-linking of provisioning and procurement of all ration items from APO/ASC Army
c) Adoption of Integrity Pact-Periodical regarding(GoI, CVC Circular No. 22/08/09)
Government Orders 2010
a) Special Dispensation to the provisions of Para 7.13.1 of DPM 2009 for procurement of special clothing and mountaineering equipment
Government Orders 2011
a) Classification of Expenditure
b) Internet Connections for E-Ticketing
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